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Online Shop Lab Coat for Doctors at A Reasonable Price

Doctor lab coats are an indispensable part of a doctor's uniform. The coat gives the doctor a clean, professional look, and it also goes well with this noble profession. If you are searching for the best quality doctor lab coat, check out our unique collection. We are well known as a doctor coat manufacturer and doctors lab coat supplier. Our lab coats are made with the finest fabric and are tested for quality. The hospital lab coats are designed in such a way that the fabric interior will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable whereas the fabric exterior will repel fluid, soil, and stains. Come and pick your desired pieces at discounted prices.



Q.1 Why lab coat is necessary?
Lab coat makes sure your clothes and body are protected from spills, splashes, drops, and even unanticipated reactions. It is a barrier that keeps you from being exposed to accidents in the lab and, in some cases, might save you from injury or even save your life.


Q.2 Why do doctors wear Lab coats?
The purpose was to regain the trust of people in this profession and also improve the overall image of doctors. White became the new face of medicine symbolizing purity.


Q.3 What is the perfect fit for the lab coat?
The shoulder seams of the lab coat should extend the full length of your shoulders, no shorter. If you are one to wear multiple layers underneath your coat, size up to have a looser fit in the shoulders and arms. Be aware of the length of the arms of the lab coat.


Q.4 Why do doctors wear a white coat?
Doctors wear White coats because they signify health and hygiene. White is desirable because they show the stains and perhaps indicates when you need to change clothes as soon as they are stained. Frequent change gives a better outcome for the patient. This will ensure that doctors maintain a clean and sterile environment all the time.


Q.5 What should be the length of the lab coat?
A properly fitting lab coat should hit at mid-thigh. If a lab coat extends to your knees, it is too long. If it falls above mid-thigh, it can be mistaken as a consultation coat.